She writes as if she’s a very posh English girl; her tone is, “Oh, what a lovely morning!

Two months later, dating sudanese I was picking him up at the airport

We started meeting up every three days. Two months in, I told Daniel that if he wanted to officially call me his girlfriend, he had to memorise the words to the song Boyfriend by Justin Bieber and sing it to me. He did, and he doesn’t like Bieber very much.

I was going to move back to Canada, but we were head over heels and decided to get married six months after meeting. I’m Persian Canadian and have a big family back in Canada, so we decided to do a second, bigger wedding in Canada on the two-year anniversary of our first date. I’ve definitely struck gold.

Daniel Clucas, 30, senior aircraft interior designer I joined Tastebuds when someone at work told me about it. After a couple of weeks, Isabella came up in my matches. ” For about three of our first four weeks writing to each other I didn’t know she was Canadian, so I was reading all her messages in an upper-class English accent. When she told me she was Canadian, I had to reread every message.

There wasn’t any awkwardness when we met. I think it’s impossible to have an awkward moment with Isabella. She’s just like this explosion of energy. The date was on the Friday night and we met up again on the Monday.

I remember spending an afternoon at work with Boyfriend by Justin Bieber on repeat. I only managed to learn a few lines but it was enough for Isabella to agree to make it official. Later, we picked every song on the playlist for our wedding; we spent longer compiling playlists than anything else. We always have music on in the house; I have an old vinyl record player that my granny gave us, hundreds of records, and we’re still always sending each other music throughout the day. Being with Isabella has broadened my tastes, but I’m not quite a Belieber yet.

The couple who met on GlutenFreeSingles

Pia Strobel, 48, hairdresser I looked up a gluten-free restaurant online, and glutenfreesingles was advertised at the side of the website. At first I laughed and thought, “This is just too weird,” but then I thought it would make life a lot easier; you don’t want to be the difficult partner going, “I can’t have this, I can’t go there…” Also, it’s easier to live with somebody who eats the same food.

So I joined. There weren’t many men in my area (Connecticut). I saw Dale was in Montana and thought, “He’s kind of cute,” and sent him a friend request. We went to my house, had dinner and wine, and stayed up until all hours talking. We dated for six months long-distance before I moved in with him a year and a half ago. I have three kids – 24, 22 and 20; my youngest is in college and was living at home. She said, “Mom, you’ve got to do this. I’m old enough not to live at home now – you go!” One day, I was home for about 45 minutes, trying to do some paperwork before I had to go back to work. I was rushing around and said, “I have to get to the bank,” and he said, “No, wait! Sit down! Sit right there! I made you something”, and showed me the ring he made. He was down on his knees and I said, “Is this what I think this is?”