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Debt Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution Service

NCRMC Debt Mediation


Debt Mediation:

Why choose debt mediation with NCRMC

This option can:

·         Reduce your monthly instalments to credit providers

·         Allow you to open an additional account if needed

·         Prevent you from being blacklisted

·         Improve and prevent financial strain.


Points to note about debt mediation:

·         When under debt mediation you are not legally covered. If you would like legal cover please note that you may discuss this with our in house legal advisors.

·         You will need to ensure the creditors cancel the existing Debit orders.

·         This plan does not include home/ car loans, SARS or traffic fines.

·         You will not be placed under administration or debt review.


What is debt mediation?

Debt mediation is a process that is intended to help consumers who are temporarily experiencing difficulty with their monthly expenses.

An alternative arrangement affordable to the consumer and acceptable to the creditor is made on the consumer’s behalf.




When joining a debt mediation programme with NCRMC, your financial situation will be closely examined with the end result being a new repayment plan being entered into with your credit providers which should ease your financial burden.

The process is quick and easy and agreements with your creditors are normally secured in a matter of days. 

1.   On signing the consent to mediate an account will be opened for you in your name and you will obtain monthly statements so that you are able to see where your money is being paid. 

2.  An authorised payment agent will administer the payment of your funds to your credit providers according to the new reduced monthly payment.  You will receive via e-mail a monthly statement that will reflect the payments that are being made to your credit providers and you will therefore always be aware of the status of your accounts.  

3. We have in house registered attorneys who assists with legal matters where necessary and we have registered Business Rescue practitioners should you be experiencing difficulties with your business. 

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