I had a default of around 10k applied to my file for a personal loan with the Halifax around 4

I do however have a sketchy record from the past. 5 years as go. This was settled 15 months ago but is of course still visible on my file for around another 18 months.

This is what I’m most concerned about as my unaffordability claim was found in my favour but they are dragging their heels in removing the accounts from my file. The most recent loan was paid off in .

I think you need to talk to a good broker about your chances. I’m sorry but there isn’t much point in me guessing.

I think you’ve got an excellent chance. I’ve got 8 defaults around 4 years old and my last was paid off around 10 months ago. 2.6% interest with a high street lender at 4.5x joint salary.

I also have 6 payday loans from 247 moneybox showing on my file (no late payments)

After waiting out https://rksloans.com/installment-loans-al/ my defaults to be over 3yrs, I am now fully in the market searching for a good broker and a mortgage, thanks to this website, otherwise I would never be in this position.

We have a 48k deposit and looking at houses around ?320k which is 15% but we are still struggling. What I can gather from the brokers I have spoken to is that there doesn’t appear to be a middle ground lender between high street lender and adverse credit lender which is really frustrating.

The best I have got so far is 4.6%, I am unsure what to do as we really need to move house.

Credit file – 6 defaults – 3 credit cards and 3 mobile phones, all over 3yrs with only one credit card outstanding with ?2300 balance) – Payday loan over two years ago -Last missed payment almost 2yrs ago

I’m looking at applying for a mortgage next year, by which time the 2x blemishes on my credit report will be 4 years old

As I have said to you several times, the criteria that many high street lenders use is that default dates have to be over 3 years old AND to have been settled for more than a year. You have passed the first of those points but not the second. I suggested you should have settled tha5 last defaulted credit card last year, but it seems you haven’t.

Unless you want to be stuck with a very expensive mortgage, which I do not recommend as there is no guarantee that you will be able to remortgage to a better rate after a couple of years, you need to find somewhere suitable to rent.

I chose not to settle that credit card because it was always going to be the case that I will end up with an adverse lender and a bigger deposit, except I wait 2 or 3yrs which I really can’t, so rather then settling the credit card, it decided to put it towards our deposit.

We’ve now managed to come up with a 20% deposit and already have our offer accepted for a ?310k house. DIP is showing 3.89% and we’ve submitted a full application. We also have a back up for another kangaroo lender at 4.85% which should be easier than the 3.89% (according to broker).

I will settle the credit card once we are able to get the purchase over the line and should ‘hopefully’ be in a much better position in 2 yrs time for a remortgage.

Both are loans, ?900 in total. The creditor has marked these defaults as ended with a current balance of ?0 on both accounts. Would mortgage lenders view those more favourably than defaults currently “open”?